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Standing at a new starting point, seeking new development and achieving new breakthroughs
[Standing at a new starting point, seeking new development and achieving new breakthroughs] The first half of the 2022 work summary and commendation conference of Hebi Quanfeng was successfully held
Why can brassinolide be used in various crops?
Information summary: Brassinolide is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator widely used in recent years, it can regulate the growth of plants better in a small amount. Then what is the role of brassinolide?
It Is No Longer Difficult to Increase Potato Production
Information summary: During the starch accumulation period, the starch content will affect the individual weight and storage resistance of potato blocks. Then what should we do in management during this period to increase the yield and income of potatoes?
The Key Period of Potato Yield Increase Can Be Managed in This Way
The key period of potato yield increase is tuber formation period and tuber expansion period. One of these two periods is the key period for determining the number of tubers per plant and the other is the key period for increasing production. Then what are the specific management methods?
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