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Potatoes Improve Quality and Increase Yield
Anyang Quanfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. went deep into the fields to provide technical services and high-quality products for increasing potato production.
Why does paclobutrazol have the function of control vigorous growth?
Paclobutrazol is a broad-spectrum plant growth retardant. Paclobutrazol has a long efficacy period and can be absorbed by the roots, stems and leaves of plants, so it is widely used in various crops. So how does paclobutrazol work on crops? 
Why does paclobutrazol have the function of control vigorous growth?
Tips for managing citrus fruits
The appearance of citrus will affect the purchase price of citrus to a certain extent. Then in the daily management of citrus, which ways should we use to increase the color of citrus?
How to improve color on grapes
Regarding the coloring of grapes, what color-changing medicine should I take? How to use it? Let's first introduce several methods that are commonly used in the market to promote color conversion.
How to improve color on grapes
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