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Tips for managing citrus fruits

The appearance quality of citrus is the first impression given to customers. How can citrus be sold at higher prices. In addition to the size and taste of citrus, the color of citrus is also important. How can we make citrus better colored?
1.Strengthen the sunlight
Strengthen the canopy management and pruning properly, so that the citrus gets more sunlight, so that more sugar flows into the fruit, and at the same time, more sunlight induces the formation of pigments. You can also use “Quanfengsu” Prohexadione calcium, Prohexadione calcium exogenous plant growth regulator, after use can regulate the growth of citrus, accelerate the level of citrus metabolism, but also accelerate the photosynthesis of citrus, so as to achieve the function of citrus beautiful fruit.
2.Strengthen disease management
During the flowering period of citrus, if it encounters continuous rainy days, it is easy to make the petals stick to the ovary, which is easy to cause citrus gray mold. Be careful to shake the flowers after it stops raining. At the same time, prevent thrips from feeding on tender leaves and young fruits after citrus fruits.
3.Water and fertilizer management
Calcium is the middle element most needed by citrus. Calcium exists in the form of calcium pectinate in plants, which constitutes the middle glial layer of plant cell walls, so that cells and cells can be connected to form tissues, and plant organs or individuals have certain mechanical strength, which can prevent diseases, Increase fruit hardness, surface brightness and anti-cracking. So the use of calcium fertilizer is also very important. But in the process of using it, pay attention to the principle of small quantity for many times.
The appearance of citrus is the first impression we present to the acquirer. In our daily management, we constantly improve the quality of our citrus through some small details.
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