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Prohexadione calcium

CAS NO .: 127277-53-6
Type: Plant Growth Retardants
Formulation: 88%TC, 5%EA. 15%WP
Function and Character
Prohexadione Calcium can inhibit the synthesis of gibberellic acid through the absorption of seeds, root and leaves.
1. Inhibit the growth of internodes, improve lodging resistance.
2. Protect gibberellin’s active already existing and prevent presenility of crops.
3. Promote growth, lateral bud growth and rooting.
4. Control flowering time, improve fruit setting rate and promote fruit ripening.
5. Efficient, safe, non-toxicity, and residue-free.

1. 1L/bottle, 5L/pot, 10L/pot, 25L/drum, 250L/drum, 1T/drum.
2. 25kg/woven bag, 25kg/drum, 1T/bag or drum.

Prohexadione Calcium can't dissolve in water and most organic solvent, it can be made to WP, SC, WDG and troche, and so on.
10%WP, 25%SC,15%WDG and 5%ET are common in the market. Prohexadione calcium works through the leaf.
So it is usually used as a foliage spray. The dosage is different with different crops.
The Usage and Dosage of Prohexadione calcium Used on Different Crops 
Crops Dosage
Method of use Effects
Rice 2-3 Foliage spray 5-10days before jointing stage Reduce plant height obviously, shorten internodes height,prompt lodging-resistant, increase crop yield
Sorghum 3-6 27-30days a after jointing stage, foliage spray Control the ultimate height of sorghum
Peanut 2 Between full-blooming stage and pod setting stage, foliage spray Reduce peanut’s plant height,increase fruit number per plant, kernel rate, fat content, increase crop yield markedly
Cotton 1.5-3 Once between early florescence and full-bloom stage Inhibit the vegetative growth of laves and branches,reduce plant height obviously, ventilationand penetrating light, increase crop yield and promote quality
Apple 2.25-4.5 Spraying once in fall flowering stage, fruit bearing stage and physiological fruit drop stage respectively Inhibit the vegetative growth of laves and branches, increase crop yield, and it has a very good preventiveactions to Fire blight (Erwiniaamylovora)and other diseascaused bu bacterium or fungoid.
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