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3WQF Free Eagle 1S (10L)

The Loading Weight 26KG
Dimension 1370mm*1370mm*640mm 
Tank Volume 10L 
Spray Width 3.5-4.5m 
Spraying Efficiency 8-10acres/hour
Wheelbase 1280mm
Endurance Time 15min
Spray Height 1-3m
Spray Flow 1.8-4L/min
Equipped with a cost-effective flight control system, it supports various control modes such as attitude-stabilization/height mode, GPS-speed mode, etc.
The Streamlined hood, which can reduce wind resistance and energy consumption,lengthen the flying time.
Soft spraying system, it can reduce vibration and extend the life of spraying system .you can also equip different nozzles for different crops and applications
Smart charger with communication function, the voltage level is 110V-240V, can match with the voltage level of most countries in the world.
Smart lithium battery with the volume of 16000Mah, easy to operate and maintemance. One battery can be used for 300 times.
Multi-fuction Intergrated Remote Controler ,you can operate the drone easily.
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