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Chlormequat Chloride (CCC)

CAS NO .: 999-81-5
Type: Plant Growth Retardants
Formulation: 98%TC, 80%SP, 50%SL. 750g/L SL, 720g/L SL
Function and Character
Chlomequat is antagonist to gibberellic acid.
1.  Control plant overgrowth, make root system developed, reduce plant height.
2.  Enhance photosynthesis, increase fruit-bearing rate, make better quality and increase yield.
3.  Increase root system water-absorbing capacity, increase the content of proline in plant and resistance.
4.  Can be degraded easily, low toxicity to humans and animals, safety to plant and fruit tree.

Package: (All package can customize as demand)
1. 1L/bottle, 5L/pot, 10L/pot, 25L/drum, 250L/drum, 1T/drum.
2. 25kg/woven bag, 25kg/drum, 1T/bag or drum.

Chlormequat chloride is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator ,it has been applied in the fields of agriculture ,forestry and horticulture.
It can also be used as the additives in fertilizers such as water flush fertilizer ,folia fertilizer ,root fertilizer and so on.

The Usage and Dosage of Chlormequat chloride Used on Different Crops
Crops Dosage(mg/L) Method of use Effects
Cottrn 33-50 Foliage spray in early florescence stage Lodging-resistant increase yield
Wheat 1500-3000 Seed soaking 6-12h Lodging-resistant increase yield
Rice 1000 Foliage spray in the end of tillering stage Lodging-resistant increase yield
Peanut 50-100 Foliage spray after 50days of sowing Increase yield
Grape 500-1000 Spray whole plant before flowering Increase fruit bearing rate
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