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Indolebutyric Acid(IBA)(IBA-K)

CAS NO .: 60096-23-3
Type: Plant Growth Accelerator
Formulation: 98%TC. IBAK98%TC, 2%SP
Compound dosage form 10%NAA•IBA SP, 20%NAA•IBA SP, 50%NAA•IBA SP
Function and Character
IBA- K is an Auxin Class plant growth regulator, it is one of the most effective and widely used rooting hormones in the world.
1. Used to promote and accelerate root formation of plant clippings.
2. Reduce transplant shock of nonfood ornamental nursery stock.
3. Promote  growth development of flowers and fruits.

Package: (All package can customize as demand)
1. 1L/bottle, 5L/pot, 10L/pot, 25L/drum, 250L/drum, 1T/drum.
2. 25kg/woven bag, 25kg/drum, 1T/bag or drum.

1. Singlely use: To promote fruit-set and parthenocarpy, the flower soaking or fruit soaking dosage is about 250mg/L. 
    To promote rooting, the seed soaking dosage is 5-200mg/L(the dosage is different with different plants or stages).
    Irrigating root dosage is 10-80mg/L, foliage spray dosage is 10-20mg/L.
2. Compound with fertilizers: the dosage compound with foliage fertilizer is 10mg/L (foliage fertilizer), t
    he dosage compound base fertilizer or water flush fertilizer is 10-20g/mu
3. Compound with other regulators: 10% NAA ●IBA-K SP, 1 % IBA-K ●S- abscisic acid WP turned out to be good products.
The Usage and Dosage of IBA-K Used on Different Crops
Crops Dosage(mg/L) Method of use Effects
Rice 10 Foliage spray in seedling stage Improve rooting and growth
Tea 20-40 Soaking branches 3h Improve branch rooting and
 increase branch survival rate
peach treegrape
and other
fruit trees
5-10 Soaking branches 24h Improve branch rooting and
 increase branch survival rate
1000 Soaking branches 3h
Mulberry 5 Soaking new branches 24h Improve branch rooting
and increase branch
survival rate
c1000 Soaking new branches 3h
100 Soaking hard branches 24h
2000 Soaking hard branches 3h
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