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CAS NO .: 83657-22-1
Type: Plant Growth Retardants
Formulation: 95%TC, 20%WP
Function and Character
Uniconazole is a broad-spectrum and highly active plant growth regulator, with both bactericidal and herbicidal effects.
1. It is an antagonist of gibberellin biosynthesis.
2. Its activity was more than 6-10 times higher than Paclobutrazol, but its residual amount in the soil was only 1/10.
3. Can be absorbed by seeds, roots, buds and leaves, and operate among organs.
4. It can dwarf plants, resist lodging, promote flower bud formation and increase crop yield.

Package: (All package can customize as demand)
1. 1L/bottle, 5L/pot, 10L/pot, 25L/drum, 250L/drum, 1T/drum.
2. 25kg/woven bag, 25kg/drum, 1T/bag or drum.

It is an antagonist of gibberellin biosynthesis, and can be used as an ornamental plant for herb and woody plants.
Its activity was more than 6-10 times higher, but its residual amount in the soil was only 1/10 of that of paclobutrazol, so it had little impact on the later crops.
Crops Dosage Method of use Effects
Wheat 10mg/L One leaf stage, Liquid spraying then irrigation once Lodging-resistant increase yield
Rape 25-50mg/L 3-5 leaf stage and early flower stage,spray the leaf surface Prevent tall foot seedling and shorted internode
Soybean 50-100mg/L for 50kg From early flower stage to blooming stage, spray the leaf surface Increase the effective branch number
Cottom 30-50mg/L seed dressing Control plant height,,promote seedling health, increase yield
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