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Potatoes Improve Quality and Increase Yield

With the continuous development of the potato deep processing production chain, low cost and high profit have made more and more farmers devote themselves to the potato planting industry. However, in the process of potato planting, in addition to the impact of conventional pests and diseases on yield, there will also be problems such as potatoes only growing seedlings but not potatoes, small number of potatoes, and poor quality, which makes it impossible to achieve high-quality and high-yield. How to improve the yield and quality of potato production, we have to investigate the causes of its causes can be attributed to variety selection, soil quality, scientific field management, etc.
Scientific field management includes checking seedlings, replenishing seedlings, ensuring full seedlings; cultivating weeding, rational irrigation, scientific use of fertilizers, and preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests. On this basis, measures such as weak seedlings to promote vigor, slender seedlings to control prosperity, and plant growth regulators to regulate growth can promote more potatoes, tubers swelling, and uniform tubers, increase the number of commercial potatoes, and achieve the purpose of improving quality and increasing production.
Anyang Quanfeng has been committed to the production and research and development of plant growth regulators for many years, and strictly implements product quality inspection standards. Before each product is promoted in the market, we will let the testers conduct a large number of field effect verification experiments. The people of Quanfeng are on the road. They work very hard from morning till dusk. They take "serving wholeheartedly and harvesting thousands of families" as their mission and take the farmers, income generation as their responsibility. Let’s take a look at our colleagues from Technical Crop Division who are busy in the potato fields and the actual effects of farmers’ feedback!
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