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Why can brassinolide be used in various crops?

We have talked about Basic Knowledge and Functions of Brassinolide before, 
Brassinolide is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator widely used in recent years, it can regulate the growth of plants better in a small amount. Then what is the role of brassinolide?

Brassinolide not only has the comprehensive effects of auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin but also can increase the content of chlorophyll in leaves, improve photosynthesis, regulate the nutrient distribution and promote the operation of organic matter in plants. At the same time, it can activate the plant immune system, improve the stress resistance of crops, and promote the growth ability of vulnerable parts of plants.
Brassinolide can be absorbed by roots, stems and leaves of plants,  promote the balance of endogenous hormones in crops and promote the balanced growth of crops effectively. It can be regulated in both directions at the same time, which can not only promote growth, but also control flourishing growth, and coordinate the balance of crop nutritional growth and reproductive growth.  At the same time, it can be used together with other pesticides and fertilizers to improve the utilization rate. In the planting process, brassinolide is often used together with other products, which can reduce the occurrence of drug damage and enhance the efficacy at the same time.
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