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It Is No Longer Difficult to Increase Potato Production

Information summary: During the starch accumulation period, the starch content will affect the individual weight and storage resistance of potato blocks. Then what should we do in management during this period to increase the yield and income of potatoes?
In the last article, we talked about The Key Period of Potato Yield Increase Can Be Managed in This Way, we will talk about the starch accumulation period today.
Ⅰ. Starch Accumulation Stage
The stem and leaf began to senescence to about 2/3 of the base of the plant, and the stem and leaf withered and yellow was the starch accumulation period, which lasted 20-30 days. At this stage, the stems and leaves stopped growing, but the assimilates continued to move to the tubers. The tuber volume is no longer increased, but the weight is still increasing, which is the main stage of starch accumulation. At this time, the purpose of using pesticides is to prolong the life of roots, stems and leaves, slow down their decline, accelerate the transfer and accumulation of assimilates to tubers, and help tubers fully mature.
It is necessary to strengthen the management of field water in the middle and late stages of the potato fields.  We should pay special attention to drainage and waterlogging prevention to make the soil moisture reach 70-80% of the maximum field water capacity. This can prevent excessive humidity in the field and improve the storage resistance of potatoes. At the same time, we can use plant growth regulators to promote the accumulation of dry matter content, increase starch content, improve storage resistance and prevent premature senescence of stems and leaves.
Ⅱ. Maturity Stage
Generally, when the aboveground stems and leaves of the plant are withered and yellow, and the starch accumulation in the tuber reaches the highest value, it is the mature harvest stage.
Potato goes through the early seedling stage, seedling stage, tuber formation stage, tuber expansion stage, starch accumulation stage and maturity stage, and then towards harvest.  In the whole growth and development period of the potato, each period has its own growth characteristics. Targeted management according to different growth characteristics of potatoes will no longer be difficult to increase potato production.
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