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Basic Knowledge and Functions of Brassinolide

Brassinolide is a new type of green and environmentally friendly plant growth regulator, which is treated by soaking seeds and spraying stems and leaves with appropriate concentration of brassinolide. It can promote the growth of vegetables, melons, fruits and other crops, can improve the quality, increase the yield, bright the color, and thick the leaves.
Brassinolide shows growth-promoting effects in many crops, including its ability to promote cell elongation and division, regulate leaf shape, change cell membrane potential and enzyme activity, enhance photosynthesis, and promote DNA, RNA and protein synthesis , Improve crop resistance and so on.
Regulate crop growth
According to the growth period of the crop, increase the level of plant hormones and promote healthy growth. Increase production, balance hormone levels, realize independent growth regulation of plants and improve crop quality.
Improve quality and actively resist stress
Improve photosynthesis and regulate nutrient absorption, balance and regulate plant vegetative growth and reproductive growth. Improve the resistance of crops to low temperature, high temperature, and drought, and reduce the impact of the natural environment.
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