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    On the afternoon of July 14, Hebi Quanfeng 2022 mid-year summary and commendation meeting was successfully held in the Anyang plant. He Peng-chairman of Hebi Quanfeng, Wang Jianguo-general manager, and more than 100 representatives of the first responsible person of each department, managers above the middle level, and advanced employees attended the conference. Wang Zhiguo-chairman and general manager of Anyang Quanfeng company, Zhang Yueping-executive vice president of Anyang Quanfeng company and Ji Xiaoyan-chief financial officer, were invited to the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yang Yang, Hebi Quanfeng's administrative comprehensive management department director.

    Firstly the responsible person of each department reported semi-annual work. General manager Wang Jianguo made a comprehensive summary of the completion of the work of Hebi Quanfeng for half of the year and made arrangements for the work tasks in the next half of the year. Hebi Quanfeng chairman-He Peng made a concluding speech. In his speech, he first gave full determination and encouragement to the company in the first half of this year under the circumstances that the epidemic and external environment led to increased risks and challenges, and the domestic economic development environment was complex, severe and uncertain.
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