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Mechanism of Action about Ethephon

Ethephon is an organic phosphorus plant growth regulator with low toxicity. The preparation is a strong acidic water agent, which is very stable in acidic medium, and decomposes and releases ethylene when pH is over 4.
1. Promote Organ Shedding: Ethephon can enhance the ability of RNA synthesis in cells and promote protein synthesis. In the plant abscission area, such as petiole, fruit stalk and petal base, the increased protein synthesis promotes the resynthesis of cellulase in the abscission layer, which accelerates the formation of the abscission layer and leads to organ abscission.

2. Promote Fruit Ripening: Ethephon can enhance the activity of enzymes, activate phosphatase and other enzymes related to fruit ripening, and promote fruit ripening. In senescent or susceptible plants, peroxidase changes are caused by Ethephon promoting protein synthesis.

3. Control Vigorous Growth: Ethylene can inhibit the synthesis of endogenous auxin and delay plant growth.
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