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How to solve the lodging problem of high-yield sunflower?

The whole growth period of sunflower can be divided into four stages.
  1. The first stage is the bud stage, from finishing sowing and growing fresh bud to beginning conceiving flower bud.
  2. The second stage is the squaring stage, from growing astral flowers on the top to the opening.
  3. The third stage is the flowering stage, from three-quarters of the flowers opening to full bloom.
  4. The fourth stage is the mature stage, which means the seeds mature.

The normal plant height of high stem sunflower is more than 3m, which will affect the later manual picking.
High stem sunflowers are prone to overgrowth, the stem is weak, and easy to get diseases.
If the plant height exceeds 1.8m, it will also affect artificial pollination, this will cause poor grain filling and
insufficient grains in the later stage and resulting in reduced yield. If it is overgrowth and not deep-rooted,
and the nutrients lock in the later stage, resulting in yield reduction.

The solution to the flourishing growth of high stem sunflower
1. In the seedling stage, "controlling the aboveground part and promoting underground part ", the roots go deep more,
the number of capillary roots is larger, and the plants are robust, laying the foundation for high yield.

2.  Chemicals can be used to control the growth of sunflowers during their rapid growth period
Recommendations Chemicals  for prosperity control
1. Ethephon 40% SL
2.Prohexadione Calcium 5% EA
3. Welcome to add other methods.

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