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How can we improve the size of grapes?

Grape grain size is one of the common problems in the process of grape planting. After fruit setting, the fruit grain size is uneven,
which affects the yield and quality of grapes in the later stage. And this will reduce the economic benefit and the income of farmers.
Let's introduce the causes of grape grain size and improvement measures.
Reasons for uneven grape grain size
1.Variety characteristics
2.Flowering weather(Low temperature, rain, high temperature or drought)
3.Improper management of water and fertilizer
4.Uneven grain size caused by flourishing trees
5.Uneven grain size caused by weak tree 
6.Missing trace elements(boron and zinc)
7.Excessive production(high yield and low management)
8. Improper use of growth regulators

Improvement uneven measures of grape grain size
1. Regulating tree potential and cultivating golden mean tree potential
2. Improve management and aim at cultivating high-quality fruits
3. Rational use of fertilizer(Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer) and irrigation
4. Rational use of plant growth regulators, pay attention to the key time and concentration
Function Characteristics of Prohexadione Calcium
1. Inhibit the growth of internodes,improve lodging-resistance;
2. Protect gibberellin's active already existing and prevent presenility of crops;
3. Efficient, safety, non-toxicity and residue free.

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