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President of China Agro-technical Extension Association visited Anyang Quanfeng Aviation

    On the afternoon of October 21, 2021, Chen Shengdou who is the president of China Agro-technical Extension Association(CATEA), Tian Xiaohong who is the chairman of Cac Shanghai International Trading Co., Ltd., and some others visited Anyang Quanfeng Aviation and talked about future cooperation on plant growth regulators, accompanied by Wang Zhiguo who is the chairman of Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
    They visited the spraying helicopter, and they tried to operate the UAV by themselves. They visited intelligent vegetable garden of Quanfeng and fully automatic production workshop. Then they learned about the development history of Quanfeng in our exhibition hall. After then, they had a meeting to discuss the future development.
1. fully automatic production workshop and assembling of the UAV
2.operate the UAV and visit intelligent vegetable garden
    Our company is located in the Province level chemical industrial zone: 'Hebi Jijiashang Industrial zone', with a capacity of 25,000mts of plant growth regulators technical. With over 14 ICAMA registrations of technical and over 70 registrations of formulation products. With over 24 years of experience in agricultural chemicals, specializing in the development of plant growth regulators and pesticides, Quanfeng is now a well-known PGRs brand in China.
Welcome people from all over the world to cooperate with Quanfeng
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