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How to control cotton overgrowth?

    The excessive length of stem and leaf of cotton is an important factor for physiological bud falling and boll falling.
Sloving this problem is the key to high and stable yield of cotton. At the same time, controlling cotton overgrowth can also shape plant type,
which is conducive to field ventilation and light transmission.

Control overgrowth and prevent falling which can increase bell weight
1. Cotton is easy to grow excessively from the initial flowering stage to the full flowering stage. When it is found that it is obviously overgrowth,
we can use Mepiquat Chloride to spray the leaves. If it is still prosperous after 15-20 days, it can be sprayed again. (The dosage depends on the local climate)

2. First time: 6-7 fruit branches-spray Chlormequat solution. Second time: The early stage of peach bearing- spray Chlormequat solution.
3. Cotton budding stage-spray Paclobutrazol 15% WP at 500 times. The harvest time of cotton can be advanced 5-7 days, and the quality
and grade of cotton can be improved.

4. NAA(NA) , it can promote the growth and development of cotton. Especially for the growth (weight gain) of fruit branch number, boll number,
    boll weight, lint percentage and fiber length.   

Ripening and defoliation-Ethephon
The using time is very important, which is generally based on the following three points

1. Most cotton bolls reach 70% - 80% of the boll period (boll age more than 45 days), which can not be premature, otherwise it will affect the cotton quality.
2. The maximum temperature should be above 20 for 3-5 days after spraying, because ethephon needs a temperature above 20 in cotton to release ethylene quickly.     
3. Generally, it can be controlled 15-20d in the dry and frost period (Northern cotton area) or before pulling out cotton firewood (multiple cropping cotton area),
    the ripening effect can be seen 7 days after using ethephon, and the peak of concentrated boll opening occurs 10-15 days. The specific application date varies
    from place to place and should be used flexibly.

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