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Rice Planting and Growth Process

Rice is an annual plant of the gramineae family, which evolved from common wild rice and artificial selection. China is the birthplace of rice cultivation in the world, with a history of about six thousand years. Rice has high nutritional value, and it contains the least crude fiber compared with other grains. High quality rice is loved by people, and the planting process should be paid more attention
1. Select good quality seeds. According to the local accumulated temperature soil and growth environment, select high-quality disease-resistant high-yield varieties, and the selected seeds in the sun for 2 to 3 days of drying, break seed dormancy, improve seed germination potential and germination rate.
2. Thin sowing and seedling cultivation. The sowing quantity follows the principle of "rather sparse than dense", and the best sowing date should be determined according to the situation. Generally, transplanting seedlings should be between 1 month and 1 and a half months, so it should be judged reasonably according to the situation.
3.Use of plant growth regulators reasonably. 5% Prohexadione Calcium EA can be used from the early tiller stage to the full tillering stage to increase the resistance of rice to falling down, and shorten the strengthening of basal internodes and improve the resistance to falling down. 5% Prohexadione Calcium EA can be used at full heading stage to promote the filling of weak grains for the second time, to prevent premature senescence of rice and promote photosynthesis.
Finally, we should pay attention to timely harvesting, which is 98% white rice and 2% green rice in the ripe period. Or according to the full ear 45-50 days, is the highest rice yield, the best quality of the harvest period.

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