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Flower Bud Differentiation, Flowering and Fruit Setting of Grapes

    What is flower bud differentiation in grapes? The flower bud differentiation of grapes refers to the process that grapes differentiate from vegetative growth to reproductive growth to form flowers or inflorescences. It is the premise and foundation for grapes to blossom and bear fruit.
    The flower bud differentiation of most grape varieties begins before and after flowering (from early to mid-May to early to mid-June). The winter buds on the new shoots gradually begin to differentiate into flower buds from bottom to top. This whole process of morphological differentiation is sometimes completed in the current year, and sometimes it is completed in the spring of the second year.
     Greenhouse grapes generally need to be controlled with a control agent, and open-field grapes are generally pinched manually to prevent the grapes from growing.
Reagent 1: 750 times of Prohexadione Calcium.
Reagent 2: 5000 times of gibberellin + 1500 times of DA-6 or Brassinolide.
    After germination of grapes, after 40 to 60 days, when the average daily temperature reaches 18 to 20 °C, it will enter the flowering stage.
The length of the grape flowering period varies with the variety and climate, generally 6 to 10 days.
On the same fruiting branch, the order of the base opens first, and then opens upward in turn.
After the grape flowers are pollinated and fertilized, the ovary swells and develops into a young fruit, called "fruit set".
    After the fruit set, it enters the ear expansion stage. Before the hard core stage, it is necessary to sorting out the ear, so that there is enough space for the grapes to expand.
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