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How to control cotton overgrowth?
The excessive length of stem and leaf of cotton is an important factor for physiological bud falling and boll falling. Solving this problem is the key to the high and stable yield of cotton. At the same time, controlling cotton overgrowth can also shape plant type, which is conducive to field ventilation and light transmission.
The Application of Plant Growth Regulator on Mango Trees
Control the growth trend of the tree effectively, it can help to increase the yield. Then let's talk about what kind of plant growth regulator can get help.
How to solve the lodging problem of high-yield sunflower?
Sunflower is favored by farmers, but the drug management level is relatively high, and there is a large demand for prosperity control. Then how to choose the period of prosperity control?
How can we improve the size of grapes?
Grape grain size is one of the common problems in the process of grape planting. Let's introduce the causes of grape grain size and improvement measures.
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