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How much do you know about potato management techniques – early seedling stage and seedling stage
Potato early seedling stage focuses on root formation and bud growth, which is the basis of potato seedling rooting, tuber setting and plant strengthening. Potato seedling stage is dominated by stem and leaf growth and root development, which is the key period to determine the number of stolons and the degree of root development.
Do you know these functions of ethephon?
Ethephon is a low-toxic organophosphorus plant growth regulator, which has the characteristics of promoting fruit ripening and coloring, promoting leaf and fruit shedding, dwarfing plants, changing the ratio of male and female flowers, and inducing male sterility in some crops.
Controlling the growth of apple treetops in spring
During the prosperous period of spring shoots of apples, it is necessary to control the prosperous growth in time.
Rice Planting and Growth Process
Rice is an annual plant of the gramineae family, which evolved from common wild rice and artificial selection. China is the birthplace of rice cultivation in the world, with a history of about six thousand years. Rice has high nutritional value, and it contains the least crude fiber compared with other grains. High quality rice is loved by people, and the planting process should be paid more attention
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