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How much do you know about potato management techniques – early seedling stage and seedling stage

The whole growth process of potato can be divided into six growth cycles. In each growth cycle, potato has different growth requirements  to complete different growth missions.  What should we pay attention to in the six growth periods of potato? Because there are many contents, let's talk about the management points of potato early seedling stage and seedling stage.
1. Early Seedling Stage
When the tuber germinates, the bud occurs first, and some scaly leaflets, namely "germ leaves", are attached to the top, and then the young roots occur on several nodes at the base of the bud. This period is centered on root formation and bud growth, which is the basis of potato seedling rooting, tuber setting and plant strengthening.
2. Seedling Stage
The seedling stage is from the seedling unearthed to the bud. This period is dominated by stem and leaf growth and root development, accompanied by stolon elongation and flower bud and lateral stem and leaf differentiation. It is a key period to determine the number of stolons and the degree of root development. The stolons of most varieties elongate 7 to 10 days after emergence, and then expand at the top after 10 to 15 days. The first inflorescence at the top of the plant began to breed flower buds and lateral branches began to occur, marking the end of the early seedling stage. It usually takes 15 to 20 days.
Key Points
The whole seedling can be planted 15-30 days after sowing. This stage combines weeding and soil cultivation to promote roots and  seedlings, ensure the coordinated differentiation and growth of roots, stems, leaves and tubers. For the field with overgrowth of plants, chemical regulation measures should be taken to inhibit overgrowth, so as to promote the formation and expansion of tubers. In the bud stage, on the forenoon of a sunny morning, after dew disappears or after 2 p.m., use 35g Paclobutrazol 15% WP to mix 60 kg water is uniformly sprayed in the acre for one mu. If there is still a prosperous trend, it can be sprayed again after a week.
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